Below-Grade Waterproofing

What Does Below Grade Mean?
Below Grade consists of all waterproofing that can be installed on the either interior or exterior side of Below Grade foundation walls, storage rooms, mechanical/electrical rooms, parking garages, tunnels, crawlspaces, etc.

Conestoga Waterproofing Can Help…
Conestoga Waterproofing knows that Below Grade areas in buildings provide critical functions for the building, however the foundation of Below Grade building enclosure systems are not always designed with the most secure waterproofing needs in mind. We understand this problem which is why we offer Below Grade waterproofing systems to ensure each building we touch is 100% sealed. With years of experience under our belt, our highly trained staff is capable of working on all types of waterproofing projects.

From repairs to new construction, we are ready to bring outstanding results to your project. A properly sealed, dry building protects your property and the items that you value inside. Below Grade waterproofing is an important preventative maintenance step to take before expensive problems arise in the future.