Drainage Systems

What is a Drainage System?
Drainage systems are designed to reduce the potential impact of unwanted water and to protect your new or existing building. We will do our best to review your building and determine which type of waterproofing solution is right for you. At Conestoga Waterproofing, we specialize in installing Weeping Tile drainage systems on new and existing developments. We are confident that we can provide you with a drainage system that will keep your building dry.

What Does Weeping Tile Mean?
The term “Weeping Tile” does not refer to actual tiles at all. Weeping Tiles involves running pipes along the building envelope that are precisely slit and covered with aggregate to allow excess moisture to drain out into a sewer or sump pump. The pipes are then protected to prevent the holes from becoming clogged or deteriorating. The ground water will find its way through the holes and be pumped out rather than entering the building. 

Stop the source of your water damage problems by having an Weeping Tile drainage system installed on the exterior of your building.